Available Plans and Faq

  • choose your plan

  • Download Speed or Data
  • Upload Speed
  • Data Limit (Fair Use Policy)
  • Installation Fee
  • Lifetime-Warranty Router
  • Static IP Address
  • Tier-1

  • $50

    per month

  • 6 Mbps or 250 GB
  • 1 Mpbs
  • 250GB
  • $95
  • $7.00
  • Yes
  • Tier-2

  • $60

    per month

  • 12 Mbps or 500 GB
  • 4 Mpbs
  • 500GB
  • $95
  • $7.00
  • Yes
  • Tier-3

  • $70

    per month

  • 25 Mbps or 750GB
  • 5 Mpbs
  • 750GB
  • $95
  • $7.00
  • Yes

Pricing and packages are subject to change and all NETEO services are subject to our Terms  and Conditions.  Service is limited to coverage area of NETEO wireless network and requires line of sight to a NETEO access point.  Equipment rental or other charges may apply.

Are higher residential speeds available?

Yes.  We have custom plans for households or home offices ranging from 50 Mbps to a Gigabit.

Please contact us for a custom quote!

What do Download/Upload speeds mean?

Plans list the speeds up to which you can either download or upload data.

  • Download:  get information from the Internet to your computer
  • Upload:  send information from your computer to the Internet

There are many factors that may affect these speeds and upload and download speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.

What is a Fair Use Policy?

Our goal is for every user to have a great experience with NETEO and to have the right plan for their needs. We offer a generous data limit that works for most users, however, if you’re a high user you may need to select a higher tier or purchase an additional data pack.  Our fair use policy is designed not to penalize a user for a one-off month with overages and fees – rather we’re going to reach out and see if your needs have changed.

Another basic principle behind a FUP is  to mitigate a situation where a user starts downloading massive amounts of data through intentional design, or because their system became infected, which can cause network issues for all the other users on the same network.  If a user is causing this type of issue traffic management will step in and temporarily manage their traffic until the issue has passed.

What is the installation fee?

Install fee covers a standard residential installation.

In a standard installation a broadband radio* is mounted on the roof or exterior of your location and an Ethernet cable is connected through an exterior wall into the interior of the property.  A router, computer or other internet device is then connected there to complete the connection to the Network.

* Broadband radio is the property of NETEO and is provided for customers uses only while customer has an active NETEO account.

What is the lifetime-warranty router?

You’ll receive our NETEO router* with on-site installation (if contracted during initial setup) or via mail with simple plug-n-play instructions with automatic wireless security setup.

If the router ever breaks we’ll replace it for free.

* Wireless router is the property of NETEO.  Lifetime warranty applies while customer has an active NETEO account.

What payment types are accepted?

Monthly payment via manual or automatic withdrawal from a credit/debit card is required.

What is a static IP address?

This is an IP address assigned to your account that doesn’t change over time.